55th Annual SER Conference
March 26-28, 2019

This year’s annual conference will encompass STEM workshops, trainings, and competitions. In addition, SER will also host Women’s Entrepreneurship workshops.

Community Day | March 28, 2019
Empowering Latina Entrepreneurs

SER MUJER provides the opportunity for Hispanic females to empower themselves via entrepreneurship training and development. We do so in a small setting, providing the environment to explore business ideas and the opportunity to put these ideas into action.

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Our Pathways

SER Mujer Entrepreneurship


One of the keys to enable women to take charge of their professional growth and development is to own and manage their own business.

SER Mujer Marketing


To be successful, women business owners must ensure they have a strong grasp of marketing fundamentals and marketing strategies that will help ensure continued growth for their enterprise.

SER Mujer Loans


Access to financial capital is key to any businesses seeking to grow. From funding expansion to hiring new employees, women require business loans to help their enterprises succeed.

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Our Courses

Marketing Basics & Tips

Introduction to marketing to ensure you successfully grow your business, and attract and retain a large base of satisfied customers. This course emphasizes the value of the customer to the business, and focuses on two guiding principles: satisfying customer needs and the importance of profitable sales volume over maximum sales volume.

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Applying For A Loan

Applying for a Loan Applying for a Loan This course will review the loan application process and provide you with a comprehensive checklist, which includes reviewing the loan application form, preparing resumes and a business plan, and preparing and submitting your...

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Choose Your Business Structure

Your business structure will have important legal and tax implications. This course will teach you about the different types of business structures so you can find the one that’s best suited for your business. Business structures covered in this course include: Sole Proprietorship, LLC, Cooperative, Corporation, Partnership, and S Corporation.

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Choose and Register Your Business

Choose and Register Your Business The right business name is important. It should reflect your brand and it needs to be properly registered and protected. You should also ensure that the name is web-friendly and that the domain name is available. This course provides...

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Create Your Business Plan

A Business Plan is critical to the success of your business venture. It’s your roadmap, projecting your plans, objectives, milestones, revenue projections, and the assets and strategies to achieve them. This course provides the tools you need to create an effective Business Plan to successfully inform and guide your decision-making.

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Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales Marketing is the process of creating customers, the lifeblood of business. Developing an effective marketing and sales strategy should be an ongoing business-evaluation process, unique to your company. This course will help you develop an overall...

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Obtain Your License & Permit

There are certain federal and state licenses and permits you will need to obtain to legally operate your business. This course will help you determine which federal and or state license and permit requirements are necessary for your small business and will provide you information on how to obtain them.

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Organization & Management

It’s critical to define your business’s organizational structure, ownership details, management team profiles, and the qualifications of your board of directors. This course helps you address who does what in the business, what their backgrounds and responsibilities are, and why they are being brought in as board members or employees.

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Encouraging and supporting women entreprenueurs.


SER MUJER provides the opportunity for Hispanic females to empower themselves via entrepreneurship training and development. The fastest growing entrepreneurial segments in the country are Hispanic and African American women.

Businesses Started

Courses Taken

Happy Successes

Our Happy Women

Success stories with the help of SER Mujer!

From years of learning about many forms of art and design, Ana plans to use her skills in order to create an online website. By attending the SER and Coca-Cola MUJER Entrepreneurship & Networking Seminar, she was inspired to take the first steps into making her dream into a reality in 2017! Ana Suarez

I received such great support from the folks at SER National anytime I had questions. I’m so glad I chose to go through some of the coursework to help me with my career. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to get an edge in their place of business. Jane Martinez

I wasn’t always the best about knowing things when it comes to finances but I can tell you that the coursework on financial literacy through the SER MUJER program has been so helpful. I now know so much and I’m managing my finances so much better now. I’m now looking to buy my first house! Lisa Rodriguez

Proud Partners

The Coca-Cola Foundation awarded $250,000 to SER National, Inc., (SER ) for the SER MUJER Program to focus on women’s empowerment in the United States

Special Thank You to Our Supporters

News & Events

Meet Raquel Rivera

by Voyage Dallas   Today we’d like to introduce you to Raquel Rivera. Raquel, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. Ever since I was a child, I was involved in different forms of arts like piano,...

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Project S.O.Y. Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

LOCATION: Carson Community Center, 801 East Carson Street, CArson, CA 90745 DATE: Monday, October 15, 2018 from 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM Save the date: Project S.O.Y. celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month honoring Judge David Wesley for giving youth a second chance! Join...

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Seminario De la Idea al Negocio

LOCATION: Consulate General of México, 1210 River Bend Dr., Dallas 75247 DATE: Saturday, March 24, 2018 from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM   Aprende a emprender y crear tu negocio de manera práctica e interactiva. Puedes recibir una beca de hasta $650 para iniciar tu...

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