Marketing Basics & Tips

Marketing 101

Introduction to marketing to ensure you successfully grow your business, and attract and retain a large base of satisfied customers. This course emphasizes the value of the customer to the business, and focuses on two guiding principles: satisfying customer needs and the importance of profitable sales volume over maximum sales volume.

Marketing Tips

This course offers a comprehensive review of marketing subject categories and strategies, including Target Marketing, Product Marketing, Education & Information, Pricing and Payment, Marketing Communications, Media Relations, Customer Service and Relations, Networking and Word of Mouth, Advertising, Special Events & Outreach, Sales Ideas, and Market Performance.





Lesson 1

1+ Hour

Lesson 2

1+ Hour

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SER Mujer Entrepreneurship


One of the keys to enable women to take charge of their professional growth and development is to own and manage their own business.

SER Mujer Marketing


To be successful, women business owners must ensure they have a strong grasp of marketing fundamentals and marketing strategies that will help ensure continued growth for their enterprise.

SER Mujer Loans


Access to financial capital is key to any businesses seeking to grow. From funding expansion to hiring new employees, women require business loans to help their enterprises succeed.